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Doing Business vs Giving

The current model of giving is based at the end of the value chain. What is left over is donated. This model has been the typical western approach for most of the modern post-industrial era. The results are quite mixed. Giving, while wonderful in concept, can be doomed to failure.

When Giving is Effective

Sometimes giving money (or any other form of resources) IS helpful. Many organizations and individuals are doing a fantastic job, and resourcing them simply allows them to be more effective. One of our favorites is Door of Faith Orphanage in Baja Mexico. Their operations are excellent, and giving them resources simply allows them to do the work they need to do.

A similar dynamic exists in a crisis. A single parent who is making a key decision between food or heat or clothes for their child needs resources. Giving is the primary solution in the immediate.

However, many opportunities remain unsupported because their needs are not only immediate. Many amazing opportunities to support and resource whole communities look more like a strategic partnership than making more one time donations.

Business Based Support

We believe that the concepts of justice, equality, fairness, benevolence, giving etc... are all best attained by incorporating them within the business model itself. By designing the right values into day to day operations, the whole organization becomes effective at accomplishing the goal. Strategic partnerships create long term resourcing into communities where it is most efficient. By finding trustworthy, high integrity individuals and organizations to connect with, the flow of capital, resources, intellectual property, staff etc . . . all can accomplish much more, for much longer.

For us, the goal is to support, empower and develop relationships that support people not as objects of benevolence, but as key partners in a supply chain of value when possible. When we cannot incorporate them, we find creative ways to give and support programs and people who do.


Danie Henry Photography specializes in maternity, newborn and family photography.

Starting out as a simple hobby, Danielle quickly became busy and began to work not only as full time mother, but part time photographer.

Currently DH photography does a unique Senior Portrait Project with Olive Crest that brings together volunteer photographers to make a wonderful celebration of some amazing accomplishments.

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Master Solutions

Software solutions and consulting for small businesses. Since 1997, we have been working with a very large cross section of small businesses in North America developing, maintaining, and support operations software, as well as general process development.

One of the first mfg systems to link with QuickBooks in 2001, BusinessMaster helps solve common and unusual business process management issues.

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Coffee Roasting

The 25 Group Coffee division currently represents Coffee Tech Engineering and their products in the US market.

These systems are designed from the ground up to be the most technologically sophisticated, efficient, and safe coffee roasters on the planet. With ultimate control and incredible engineering these roaster are the future for production roasting and sample roasting.

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Partnerships and Investments

These are some projects we have provided solutions for, or are currently working on. Not all of our partnerships are with other groups with our same focus. Many are simply great people, great businesses or opportunities, and we are able to participate and continue resourcing our dreams.

Clymer & Beverly

Clymer & Beverly provides full service report retrieval for the legal and insurance industries. A leading edge, web based request platform along with the most knowledgeable staff in the industry results in incredible response time to help close claims fast.

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Organizations we Love

We have come across a few operations we either support directly, or know personally. These are great examples of places where we believe the integrity and effectiveness of the organization ensures that supporting them results in quality impact.

Door of Faith Orphanage

This project caught our attention many years ago. Just across the border from San Diego, in La Mission valley, is a special place. Sometimes having over 100 children, and one of the few places that can take infants, Door of Faith is unique.

One of the operating paradigms that we find to be so profound, is the emphasis on giving. DJ and Lynette (the directors) have spent decades training and developing the children who live there to give to their community. It is a common thing to hear about the latest house they built, or feeding the poor etc...

These children are not being raised to be objects of benevolence, but equal partners. While they may not have the ability to generate significant resources themselves, they refuse to perceive themselves as unable to participate.

Family based homes, education, and a focus on the community is the pillars of this organization. American staff do not take funds from donations, and locals are the primary staff.

It is hard to describe accurately how wonderful this little treasure is. We believe that donations to this organization are a wonderful way to share.

Olive Crest

Every time we interact with Olive Crest, we come away amazed. This organization works with a wide spectrum of families and children in need.

One of the most profound resources they provide is support, housing, and counseling for children who have not been able to be placed permanently with foster or adoptive families. Through incredible, specialized care, these children are helped and supported as they transition through into adulthood. Everything from education, mental health, and job training.

It is hard to overstate how deep and wide Olive Crest resources go. We participate in a Senior Portrait project taking time to recognize the hard work and effort these young adults have put it. This is a simple thing, however every little bit helps.

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Zoe's House Adoptions

Dear friends started Zoe's House in response to their first adoption of their little girl, Zoe.

They went on to not only adopt 4 more (with another biological in there too), but branched out into starting the agency to facilitate other people.

Zoe's house doesn't focus on just the adoptive parents and baby, but on helping and supporting the birth mother directly. This focus is far more about the "Pro-Life" part, and less about anything else.

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